Two days ago I finally announced the TeString project on facebook in a group for danish guitarist. The responds varied but overall I got a very positive and welcoming responds. 
Some thought it was friggin amazing and others thought it was totally useless - but had a nice wood design. 

I had a good feeling after that post and it really motivated me to visit a few musicstores in Aarhus. 

Yesterday I did just that !


First I went to 4sound Aarhus. One of the guys and two of the costumers recognised me from the facebook post, such a small world! 

They had some good advise and generally seemed interested in my project. Overall they seemed to like the design, which was really nice to hear. 
This is also the shop where I heard a total stranger say "TeString" for the first time, which was kinda cool!

I also visited Rock City Aarhus where I was received in quite another manner. E.g. I got this remark "Yeah, it's kind of a hillbilly pedal" because of my pedals rough look. 
I then asked him which suggestions he had for improvement and he told me: "If you remember physics from the 7th grade, you should isolate the inside to avoid interference noise" 

I wonder if I should have told him that I will be done with my master's degree in physics this fall, hehe. 

Nevertheless I got some salesfigures for their stringsale, which is very valuabe to me. 

All in all, some great days for TeString !